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Quality Control

Independent Advantages of Quality Control

Instantly convert your WordPress into a simple and straightforward billing system. Quality control will help you easily keep track of the development of your project. Our multi-purpose Quality Control theme was created to facilitate the use and tight integration with WordPress, so you will be online and respond to the tickets in minutes.

License AppThemes – $69 Quality Control Demo

Independent Advantages of Quality Control

Quality control allows users to create inputs, assign states, set priorities, milestones, categories and labels. Then other users can interact with the tickets, update their status, milestone, add comments, etc. D. Establish one or more projects. Each with custom user groups to restrict access to a variety of projects.

Large cloud, but still has some shortcomings. Bring your easy-to-handle ticket delivery system and stop sending SEO links to the cloud. You will also have a more professional look using your own ticketing system.

Definition of project objectives

Milestones allow for group tickets, so you can reach the planned release date. Page milestones stores in one place so you can see who is responsible for each ticket, the current status and everything else.

On the Cooperation Ticket

Take notes and share messages for each ticket, as long as you were not allowed. You can even update bill properties or download a new application.

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