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Economic benefits of your site with Taskerr

Taskerr connects people who need work done by others willing to carry them out. These sellers offer their services at a fixed price, and buyers are buying. You benefit from every transaction. For example, someone needs a logo, which seeks to hire a designer. Fiverr – A Perfect Example of How to Successfully Work “Giant Economy.” What are you waiting for? Set up your own mikrozamenov market and start making profits from your site today!

License AppThemes – $69 Taskerr Demo

Economic benefits of your site with Taskerr

Create passive income by charging the sellers a fixed price for the transfer of their services. You can also use a placement of classified ads. Alternatively, you can take a percentage of each sale.

Selected Users

With so many services available, users have to select the ones that best suit their needs. Users can mark the services as a “favorite” so that they can see them in the panel of their clients.

And powerful flexible rate plans

Price plans give you a lot of ways to generate income. Create multiple price plans. The proposed projects are presented in the pages of the main page and category. Your imagination is the only limitation to creating plans.

The framework

The frame is one of the fastest and most effective designs to adapt. It is easily accessible from any browser or mobile device, and is very popular among developers and designers as it is very easy to use.

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