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Color options and labels for WooCommerce

Send your choices of colors and branded products more effectively and fashionably

The best way to offer a complete view of all the options available for your products: with just one plug-in, you can add unlimited variations (either size, color, drawings, etc.) labels, and display them all at once Intriguing way all the features of each individual product in your store.

License YiThemes – $71.00 YITH CLV Demo

Send your choices of colors and branded products more effectively and fashionably

Color Options and Yith Labels WooCommerce allows you to replace the WooCommerce standard with a selection of icons, custom images and dynamic labels.
The plugin is extremely versatile and adaptable to any type of product, from clothing (for everyone you object you will definitely have to show the size and color) to the jewelry (maybe you want to show advanced options such as the shape of the stones Precious, necklace length, ring size, whether the product available in different precious metals, etc.).

No matter what you sell, if you show product parameters with the help of special images and icons, you help your customer understand as soon as it lands on a page, so buying options are available for this product: Example, for a few seconds, he will be able to understand that shirt, which he loves, which is available in his favorite size or color. From this point click the “Buy” button – it’s a very short step!

  • Creates a color attribute
  • Create a Label Attributes
  • Creating image attributes
  • Show a description of each attribute on the product page.
  • Show tooltips for each of the attribute changes
  • Modify the color and animation input tools information
  • Add a new product variant of the attributes section on the WooCommerce product page
  • Change the image of the product dynamically when you hover over the corresponding change.
  • Show all attributes of the “Additional information” tab on the product page.

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