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CQPIM v3.0.1 project management

A full-featured project management plugin for WordPress. Designed from the beginning to our agency web solutions in Brighton, UK, it was originally created as an internal solution for the management of our own customers and team members. As soon as he was growing up, we realized that there is a serious lack of WordPress plugins for PM, so we decided to run it for sale, and since then it has been greatly expanded based on feedback from Envato community.

CodeCanyon – $42 CQPIM Demo

CQPIM – complete management of WordPress Project

The plugin is designed to combine all aspects of project management in one location, and includes many features that help both freelancers and agencies to organize their projects and their reports will be made clear, so that everyone who works on projects that knows exactly where they are , Anytime.

Additional plugins CQPIM

Envato Add-On – you Envato author, who is looking for a good way to support the requests for support of your product? Take a look at this!

2checkout Add-On – Integrates with 2Checkout CQPIM for payments on accounts!

    • Workflow Management
    • Panel powerful tweaks
    • authorization system of group members based on roles
    • Several date formats
    • The function of the sales tax (subject to secondary tax)
    • Fully translatable (PHP gettext-function and PO / MO files)
    • Currency symbol and adjust the position
    • Existing user to CQPIM Client Conversion Tool
    • Existing user tool conversion CQPIM Teammate

Personal Account

    • Responsive front panel
    • Branded login page
    • AJAX activated actions
    • AJAX user password reset
    • Choose a theme or an active topic CQPIM
    • It works with any well-coded theme
    • Customers can update their data from the Toolbar
    • Customers can add their members as additional logins
    • Prevention dashboard for quotes, projects, invoicing and support tickets
    • The ability to view all quotations, invoices, projects, tasks and to support tickets
    • Details of the project, including timescales, updates, financial indicators, milestones / tasks, and files
    • Download file AJAX tags and support tasks
    • The possibility of paying bills through Stripe & Paypal

Customers in CQPIM

    • Add clients and contact details
    • Password Reset client account
    • Notes client
    • Additional client contacts (to create additional logins for the customer)
    • Setting conditions account for one client
    • Setting the default destination tickets for the client
    • Exclusion of sales tax on the client
    • Recurring Invoices
    • client notification settings
    • Revaluation of the currency on the client
    • Upload files to the client account
    • Magazines Client Access activity

Quotes / Estimates CQPIM

    • Raise quotes / estimates for registered customers
    • Demand request form (record or anonymous)
    • Templates and job templates
    • templates conditions
    • Customers can receive / sign the quotation marks with his panel (including name, date and IP-address)
    • Automatic creation of projects received quotes
    • Choose the percentage contribution
    • Rearrange the steps / tasks
    • subtasks
    • Revaluation of Currency for quote


    • Projects can be assigned to a client or be internal
    • contract signing function (customers can subscribe to the control panel)
    • The ability to add team members to give them access
    • Milestone & Task Templates
    • Rearrange the steps / tasks
    • Table of financial results, showing milestones, costs and the money
    • Personal project notes
    • Table Project Files
    • Send general messages of the project
    • Temporal scale project updates
    • Multiple account options (for the milestone or the preliminary count)
    • task management
    • tasks Steps
    • subtasks


    • Personal or project tasks
    • Start dates and deadlines
    • JQuery timers or manually add a time
    • The task status and priority
    • Download Application Files
    • Quest observers
    • Reports of problems
    • E-mail (response to reports of the problem by e-mail)
    • Task List in command toolbar
    • subtasks
    • The ability to assign tasks to clients


    • Invoices can be generated automatically from the projects
    • Sales tax and secondary tax on sales
    • Pay and Paypal payments
    • Partial payments on accounts
    • Manual payment entry labeled
    • Assigning invoices projects or Ad-Hoc
    • Recurring Invoices
    • Print View Account
    • Send invoices and reminders with a single click
    • Attach a PDF-through e-mail attachments
    • Settings for sending reminders
    • Currency override on the invoice
    • revenue charts in the admin panel
    • Support for partial invoices
    • Notification of payment of bills

team members

    • Add your team members and assign roles
    • A complete set of role-based permissions
    • Team members can only see the purpose of the project and its objectives
    • Individual admin control panel, showing outstanding specified projects, tasks, tickets and so on. D.
    • The calendar
    • task lists
    • JQuery Timers tasks

Tickets for support

    • Admin & Client can raise support tickets
    • Automatic assignment of tickets to team members on each client
    • E-mail Updates
    • Ajax loading file in the client control panel
    • Customer Ticket
    • Status and priority
    • Observers shopping
    • Custom fields in ticket support
    • Stages, tasks and billing


  • Fully translated to the files provided by MO / PO
  • Set the administration area and customer control panel separately

Download a free version for your review

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