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Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce

Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce

Do you like the sound of? I’m sure you do, because when you have an e-commerce store, there is no better sound than one of the sales in practice. When customers buy from you online store, you should immediately know that you are able to try this special feeling that can only be given for sale.

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Notifications on the desktop by WordPress and WooCommerce with Yith

No matter what you do, it does not matter if you are testing your budget or meeting with colleagues, you have to be aware of!
Of course, you have to think of emails and text messages to help in this regard, but it forces you to constantly update your accounts.

How? WooCommerce desktop notification allows you to get real-time notifications directly on your PC, so you know about orders and sales. A quick and easy way to feel connected with your customers and their needs. Each notification includes a link to process orders and you can customize your messages by using icons and sounds, and even to decide what role to perform.

Take into account the actual orders and sales as well as the best internet marketers

This means that you can activate the notification of the order of failed orders to your store manager and notify the confirmed sales managers and so on …
We have created another plugin that allows you to fully control your site. Your full potential!

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