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Product Filter v6.3.0 for WooCommerce

Product Filter v6.3.0 for WooCommerce

Filter WooCommerce products – all in one filter for each store! It is necessary for any owner of WordPress and WooCommerce e-shop. This plug-in enhances your store by adding advanced filters that will please you and your customers. Take your business to a higher level with this brilliant plug. WooCommerce filter for each template. Simply install the plugin, install bases in the WooCommerce> Settings> Products Filter and your WooCommerce Products Filter will be ready for use. With WooCommerce Product Filter your customers will find what they are looking for the fastest and easiest way. WooCommerce 3.0.x + Ready!

CodeCanyon – $35 Product Filter Demo

Unlimited layouts v6.3.0 filters and filters!

With the help of this amazing plugin you can filter the products by any criteria. With WooCommerce Product Filter search products by category, attributes, characteristics, obscene, prices, fund and taxonomy. Each filter criteria is customizable, so you get maximum control over what your customers are filtered, and the results that they get. Many supported layouts, single line, multiple lines, masonry, side panels filters, full-screen filters. Filter WooCommerce products Creates unlimited presets filters and uses them via short code product filter or to override Shop / Product Archives filters. Use these special filters in the categories of goods, short codes or widgets.

  • 6.0.0+ Meta filters! Custom fields and filters the most amazing product support for installation in instock / outofstock mode!
  • Filter by any measure! Available filters price, order, taxonomy filters meta-filter filters filters on the page, filter stock, filters for sale and filters. Supports AJAX!
  • Awesome custom admin interface! Easily configure filters using the Filter Manager filters! All options at your fingertips
  • Fully customizable filter deadline action! Configure all the conditions, using sketches, colors, different layouts flags, selectbox, and much more!
  • Filters range! Reasonable prices and taxonomy, including attributes! Use the numeric ranges in filters
  • Satisfactory filtering! Show only remaining conditions in your filters to narrow down the filtering criteria
  • Filter analyst! Find out what your users are looking for! Adjust their products to the needs of customers
  • Sidebar and Widget WooCommerce Product Filters! Full support for all those in the sidebar mode!
  • Registration and Automatic Update! Get instant updates through WordPress in one click! Just enter your purchase code in the “filter Product Registration”
  • Translation Ready and WPML full support! Fully translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch!

Setting the filter and the period of validity

This long-awaited feature finally here. WooCommerce products filter became a much more spectacular! Configure each of your filters using the filter adapter style. Display filters as text, an image, a thumbnail, the thumbnail with text, select box or insert your own HTML. Now available unlimited layout possibilities. Unlimited styles, colors, and miniatures. With Term Customizer you can customize your meaning of the term, such as filtering by price or configuration of product pages. Filter by price, inventory, taxonomy, distribution filters, custom taxonomy, attributes, tags, characteristics and so on. D.! Choose what terms to show how to order them, hierarchy, multi-select ON or OFF and filtered IN and AND, enable or disable the adaptive filtering, choose term relationship, use an image to represent your options (eg, color or size, and so on . D.) and many others.

Satisfying the filtering for best results

Extremely useful option supported in WooCommerce Product filter, is that you can include Adoptive Filtering. Adoptive means that if you have an active filter, the remaining conditions of your filters will notice about this. Choose between hiding non-existent terms or displaying them in different styles. Using Adoptive Filtering allows you to make your filter is suitable for your website in just a few seconds. This option puts the plug above the competition in the market. Learn more about filtering Adoptive video guide for WooCommerce film.

Filters widget in the side panels

If you use the product filter in the sidebar of a web store, it is available, the product filter widget is also included. All filtering styles, filters and band filters are also supported in WooCommerce Product Filter Widget. Product Filter Widget supports filter loading for the widget, AJAX, as well as add custom actions to redirect filter the results to specific pages in your shop, as well as all the other features offered by the original filter. Product filter widgets can be easily integrated into your sidebar. Manage your products directly from the widget, add a WooCommerce Product Filter Widget on Your Site!

Filter products AJAX and AJAX widget

If you do not want the filter to reload the page every time, when a filtering action, you can also use the incredible AJAX upload function to filter the results displayed instantly, right in front of the eyes of your customers. AJAX loading very fast in a short code, or widgets, as well as Shop / Product archives. All at your fingertips. Please note that AJAX is not supported in all subjects. Consult the documentation for the plugin or the plugin author to confirm that AJAX will be available for your needs.

Analytics filters for all web shops

See what your visitors are looking for in your store! Detailed filtering Analytics gives you a complete overview of the filtering conditions using the plugin WooCommerce Filter. Invaluable term for any store manager and business! Improve your experience in the store and earn more money! You can easily find, imagine what your customers want in a beautiful chart most. Approach your goods and products to your customers Lizka.

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