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Intense v2.8.9 – builder for WordPress

Intense v2.8.9 - builder for WordPress

The plugin includes an extensive list of 110+ shortcodes and 19 custom message types (FAQ, Portfolio, Project, News, Coupons, fragments, templates and many others). Intense is built on Twitter Bootstrap. It includes sections of the contents of the parallax images. The set of images for this guidance effect using Adipoli and Effeckts CSS. Filter for blog and 15 custom message types with transition effects using MixItUp.

CodeCanyon – $30 Intense Demo

Intense v2.8.9 – builder and shortcodes sites


  • Animated – Animated allows you to animate elements on the page.
  • Button – Adds pressing a button on the page.
  • Counter – indicates increasing / decreasing the number that can be created.
  • Guests – Show special content for your guests to WordPress. The content of a short guest code will only be displayed for unregistered users.
  • The horizontal ruler. Puts a horizontal line on the page used for separating content.
  • Icon – Used to add image icons.
  • Lightbox – Add images, videos, html content and iframe in a short header lightbox.
  • Members. Show special content for their members to WordPress. Content short code members will be displayed only to registered users.
  • Permalink – Shortcode permalink lets you add links to pages or posts on your site WordPress.
  • Progress – Displays a progress bar on the page.
  • RSS – Display posts from RSS-feeds in the list using a short code RSS.
  • Brothers and sisters: add a list of related pages using the short code siblings.
  • Slider – Adds a slider to the page allowing you to rotate between several elements.
  • Snippet. You can use a short Snippet code for reuse of the same fragment on several pages, with the luxury of maintaining only the code in one place.
  • Social Icon – Adds a social icon to the page.
  • Social share. Barcode social distribution allows the user to post a message or a page in Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon.
  • Sub Pages – Shortcode sub-displays a list of pages that are sub-pages / subpages of this page.
  • Template – use a short code template to add the contents of the template file to the message or page.

Easily create shortcodes with the help dialogs Intense editor short message.

  • Alerts – Alerts are used to notify the user of information.
  • Folding – adds a collapsible accordion to the page.
  • Content Box – Adds the contents of the window onto the page.
  • Section content – Add a content section to your page.
  • Hover Box. It allows you to add to your images a bit of style with seven different transitions guidance.
  • Icon List – Adds a bulleted list of items on a page with the bullets being an icon of your choice.
  • Layout Row – organize content in rows and columns for a clean visual design.
  • Freemasonry. Show content on your pages in a convenient layout, prototyping, using a short code masonry.
  • Menu – to add a vertical or horizontal menu on your WordPress site with a short menu code
  • Parallax scene – allows you to create content section, where you can add transparent layers arranged one above the other.
  • Face – add a person to your page / post.
  • Price Schedule – add price table in WordPress short-code pricing table.
  • Promotional Box – Add a promotional box to your page / post.
  • Spacer – add a separator between sections of your page.
  • Table. Adds a style sheet with column headings and data.
  • Tabs – Adds tabs to the page / post.
  • Evidence. It allows you to add testimonies to your page.
  • Timeline. It allows you to add a timeline with several events.

and much more…

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