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Logos Showcase v1.8.9 Lists on the site

Logos Showcase v1.8.9 Lists on the site

With this plugin you can display a set of images in a grid or in a carousel slider. Compatibility with the new WordPress 4.8 and Visual Composer!
Logos Showcase is ideal for:

  • Display a list of clients, supporters, partners or sponsors logos on your site WordPress;
  • Create a grid of images with external or internal links;
  • Any other creative use of which you might think!

CodeCanyon – $16 Logos Showcase Demo

Multiplayer adaptive WP-plugin – Showcase Logos

You can display images in three ways

Conventional grid The images will have a fixed size, but they will adapt to the available space, adapting also to different screen sizes.

Responsive Grid The images will be displayed in a grid with the number of columns you set and the images will vary according to the size of the columns. On smaller screens the grid will adapt, and the images will be changed accordingly. At smaller screens if the number of installed speakers for large screen size, displayed fewer columns.

Horizontal Carousel? Responsive images are presented in a horizontal carousel, which is reacted, and works well in sensor devices. The plugin settings you can set the number of slideshow, transition speed, if auto scroll is enabled, and many other settings.

You can improve the image, with a pre-established styles and tooltips

Style shades of gray. Compatible with most browsers, you can display logos in black and white version and a bit of transparency, and choose whether to have the image when you hover the original colors or not. Box Highlight Simple style that displays when you hover the image light. Tooltips You can display a tooltip or not. Future versions of the plugin will probably include more built-in styles, as they are easy to add.

Filter by Category

You can group your images by categories and display only a selected category or all of them! Thus, you can even have a list for clients, other list for sponsors and so on!

NEW: Filter living category!

The Grid layouts, you can also filter on “live” category, so that your visitors can choose which logo to be seen. You can use the improved filter (example below) or the filter cover.

Download a free version for your review

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