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Material Admin v3.2

Integrated material with more than 20 custom widgets for website statistics

Along with white label branding features, it comes with 100 elegant themes and gives you the opportunity to create your own design. You can also control the entire appearance of the Administrator menu, the buttons on the top panel, holding containers, printing, shapes, text and background colors, logo, etc.

License CodeCanyon – $22 Material Admin Demo

Integrated material with more than 20 custom widgets for website statistics and visit management supports RTL and LTR modes so that it can be used even for any language multiple sites supported. Admin Admin Menu Addon – this is another conspicuous feature is used. You can easily change, change the order of items in the menu and submenu Menus icons change, enable / disable menu and submenus. Material Manager comes with a homescreen meeting beautiful fully customizable theme. In addition, the footer links to top top system control set access to the plug-in to allow homepage settings, etc. They help develop a web project (wordpress) customer with the brand of your own business.

Visit our demo online. Login with username: demo and password: demo

The list of features:

White insignia

  • Customize your senior management panel (all links and CSS styles)
  • Customize the footer
  • Set the system input section. Building on the motive and create your own.
  • Customize the look and needs characters.
  • Administration menu fully customizable.
  • individual logo and icon on its own brand in the admin panel.

Widgets dashboard charts

  • 20 widgets for your stats and location analysis
  • Widgets managed to display / hide
  • You can also work as a prominent player dashboad.

Manage menu

  • Rename menu items and submenus.
  • rearrange and submenu of drag-and-drop interface
  • Custom menu icons
  • Enable / Disable menu items

Supports multiple websites

  • Ready to use in a multi-user network.
  • Simply install a multi-user network.
  • Set to enable network mode or individual locations.

Colors, theme and style

  • 100 amazing internal problems
  • Multi-color, dark threads, colored lights
  • Create your own theme
  • The ability to edit the elegant (with the file option at import)
  • fully customize the appearance of the admin panel, a large number of options are available.
  • View. Pictures of all options available.

The login screen

  • nice theme for your account.
  • Login individual logo page
  • completely adjust the look with a wide range of integrated styling options
  • show / hide links to URL as “back to page” and “forgotten”
  • controls the color, opacity, background, fonts and so on. D. any element on the registration page.

Style menu

  • There are two menu styles and style options.

Links Menu Links Flyout

  • The floating menu on each side of the dashboard.
  • Can be placed in 4 different places on the page.
  • Add your own links and number of links.

Style Options

  • Choose the theme built or create your own.
  • CSS panel settings
  • Press (button “Home” and “Secondary” button).
  • Settings logo and favicon
  • Update images from an external URL. To manage images in all customer sites in one place.
  • On side charger / off
  • Fully customizable CSS main menu
  • Top panel styles management control
  • define content style
  • The main color theme
  • General CSS settings
  • And more …

Administration area

  • Monitoring all management connections.
  • Customize CSS settings as needed.
  • Available in two different styles (width and height)
  • Removing unwanted connections with node identifiers
  • Display the output connection of the upper plate
  • Enable / disable upper bar (front and rear)
  • change the user prompt (hello) to the desired text.

To press

  • 650+ built-in Google fonts
  • Support for multiple sources. For example: different sources for header, menu, text.
  • Use standard computer fonts as sources of return Google sources.
  • Advanced typography options font size control, line height, font size, font subgroups and so on.

Manager Footer

  • custom text in the footer.
  • Show / hide information about the WordPress version from the footer

Import and export

  • Easy setup panel import and export
  • move to a different location settings
  • Edit the integrated design option by setting import.

Other resources

  • Integrated Smooth Scrolling
  • Integration Manager page
  • Black Box Coding Standards
  • detailed documentation
  • Added Administration Menu Editor Pro.
  • Compatible with any browser
  • Quick and dedicated support
  • will add additional topics
  • compatible with almost all plugins and WordPress themes.
  • Possibility to add your own CSS code too
  • Footer edit text

Redux frame

  • This plugin uses the famous Redux Framework option field
  • This version of the support plug-in transmission is also included in the download package.
  • Redux uses external scripts in the configuration menu area. Install the plug-in Redux support provider. You can download Redux support plug-in provider’s GitHub page.

Download a free version for your review

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