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MinervaKB v1.4.1 Own knowledge base

MinervaKB v1.4.1 Own knowledge base

Build your own knowledge base for a few minutes. Without a subscription, without changing conditions, without the monthly fees. Install once, use as much as you need. It is so simple. Knowledge Base – is adding and editing content. MinervaKB – is a plugin for WordPress, the most popular content management systems in the world. With more than 70 million, based on WordPress websites is a great choice for the creation of software for knowledge management. With built-in analytics, you can easily track the performance of its knowledge base, making the necessary changes to the articles that need to be improved. Each improved article takes less time to support. It’s worth it.

CodeCanyon – $35 MinervaKB Demo

Plug-in knowledge base MinervaKB for WordPress with integrated Google Analytics

Search a living document

It is very important to your customers quickly find answers. flexible real-time search feature allows users to scan available content, without opening and navigating through the many pages. Knowledge base knowledge – Observe your data

Own data

Your knowledge base – your asset. This helps your customers find answers, and it helps you to overcome the noise, providing you with greater exposure to search engine. You better make sure that you own your data. Knowledge base knowledge – Support for Pro customers

Support MinervaKB Pro customers

Enabled for 6 months, you can count on our help. We are serious about supporting our customers, so we are trying to solve the problem for a few days or even hours, when possible. And, of course, you can extend the support at any time.

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