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NEX-Forms v6.7.1 – builder forms for WordPress

NEX-Forms v6.7.1 - builder forms for WordPress

NEX-Forms, designed in accordance with modern trends and technologies that will help you connect to your customers a completely new and exciting way. Built using the latest Web technologies like html5, css3 and the jQuery, rest assured, NEX-Forms will look comfortable on each device. Use Bootstrap 50+ fields in style with perfect accuracy pixels! More for less!

CodeCanyon – $39 NEX-Forms Demo

Drag & Drop – Add and sort the form elements by a simple dragging.

If you can play solitaire, you can create stunning web forms without a single line of code!

Create any layout of the form using a drag and drop system net! Includes unlimited nesting of grids!

Divide your form into manageable steps. It includes the ability to create online surveys!

Perform simple and complex mathematical equations of the user selection and input.

Turn complex and cluttered forms into interactive user-friendly form, showing and hiding a field based on the selection and user input.

Catch their users via 70+ super smooth animations.

Use 660+ icons that can be added into the form fields. Amazing font icons – are vectors, which mean they’re gorgeous on high-resolution displays.

It makes it easy to add fonts from Font Google Directory for use in your forms. The NEX-Forms is available more than 1,200 fonts.

Outside the NEX-forms built in Anti-Spam, you never get unwanted email. No captchas, required to prove that your users are really people!

Get all the details of its shape in a fully customizable emails. Send e-mails to multiple recipients the administrator and / or send a confirmation email to the end user!

All forms submitted in your database and can be viewed from the Admin Panel. Entries can also be exported to Excel!

Export the form with one click. It includes all forms and settings can be imported into any setting NEX-forms.

Create beautiful polls with a rating of thumb, star ratings and the ratings of emoticons!

Set the default values! Autofill fields from other forms! Autocomplete fields of the parameters URL!

Use the button or the NEX-Forms link or activate a pop-up window using the existing element on the page. Add sticky-paddle / slide-in froms on either side of your site!

You can have as many forms on the same page without any conflicts!

AJAX – Send forms without refreshing the page!

Add forms to their side panels using WordPress widgets.

Receive files as e-mail messages. You can also be viewed and downloaded from the server. It includes file type and check the live preview image.

Add the dynamic and / or static hidden fields in your form for additional information from the administrator template.

Show your products in the fields with one or more embodiments.

Easily create your forms, using our unique dashboard, similar to popular tools such as Photoshop, Fireworks, MS Paint, etc.

Simultaneously work with multiple forms. Easily switch between tasks with the windows taskbar. Saver in real time!

Save time by customizing personal settings that will be used as defaults for all new forms!

Enter the fields and fields to validate as: Any format, email address, phone number, URL, only numbers or only text.

Limit the characters in multi-line text fields and one-line text boxes by setting the allowable maximum / minimum symbols. It includes a general indicator of the number of characters.

Save time by using the built-in keyboard shortcuts. For example, save the form by pressing CTRL + ALT + S.

Look at its shape in real time, at any time while you are busy building it!

Duplicate existing forms with one click! Duplicate forms include all the settings of the original form!

Create your own own form templates to be reused again and again!

There is no limit to the number of forms that you can have on your web site

Download a free version for your review

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