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Reservations for WooCommerce

Reservations for WooCommerce

Whenever a product or service is going to be launched in the market, their customers have a sense of expectation, which makes them more likely to keep buying. Unfortunately, this unconscious process is seldom used properly and as soon as the new product finally comes out on the market, many customers have already lost interest in it.

License YiThemes – $84.00 YITH Pre-Order Demo

Pre-Check (Pre-Order) in a WordPress Yith and WooCommerce

Do you want your products to become popular and sold? Use an effective pre-sale system in a store!

Due to the pre-order you can see immediately how your sales will improve for new or immediately available products, giving your customers the opportunity to buy the products they receive, and receive them once it’s officially on sale .

Your customers want to be able to buy your products before they become available: let them do it!

This will allow you to create ready-made foods and put them on the market before their release, to create an automatic email system that will inform your customers as soon as the product will be released and sold officially. It will also be possible to offer discounts for those who want to buy the product while still being in pre-order status, which will make this strategy even more efficient and increase the conversion rate. This plugin works very well with variable products, and allows you to pay with credit card due to Yith compatibility with WooCommerce Streak.

Suggest your products now, including those that are not yet available and may not know that every day that passes without stimulating purchases – this is a day of sales, which was lost forever!

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