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Side Tabs v1.4.6 Site functionality

Side Tabs v1.4.6 Site functionality

Adding multi-level pop-ups

Side Tabs – this add-on for multi-layer popups for WordPress, which lets you create small tabs (associated with popups) and bind them to any edge of the window. By clicking on the tab opens associated layered popup. Side Tabs – a great way to extend the functionality of your site. This amendment requires the installation of multi-level pop-up blocker for WordPress version 4.25 or higher version.

CodeCanyon – $22 Side Tabs Demo

Side tabs (Side Tabs) – adding multilevel popups


  • Make sure that you purchased and installed Layered Popups for WordPress version 4.25 or higher.
  • Create desired popup or use any of existing demo popups (the answers to common questions are in section FAQ).
  • Create as many tabs as you need and associate them with the necessary pop-ups.
  • Go to the Settings page to select the tab that will be displayed on the page, or edit the page / pages page, and select the tab for this page.
  • Enjoy!

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