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Simple WooCommerce auctions

Simple WooCommerce auctions

Simple Auctions extends the popular WooCommerce plugin to auction functions. With this plugin, you can easily make an Ebay clone with regular and reverse auctions along with your regular products. WordPress auctions have never been easier to set up!

License CodeCanyon – $21 Simple Auctions Demo

This WooCommerce and WordPress auction plugin is easy to use, so users get a true solution for WordPress auctions that are easy to configure.

With our auction plugin, you can set up the WordPress auction website and start auctions in less than 30 minutes (assuming you have a payment processor). If you are a developer of a topic that wants to create a WordPress auction theme for Envato, just buy an extended license and you’re good to go.

Many users have asked whether it is possible to deduct / pay a fee for the auction – the answer is short, this plugin is simple and implements auction functions inside WooCommerce. The plugin in no way interferes with the verification once the product has won. WooCommerce takes care of the order process through its verification system – that’s why any payment gateway that you have in WooCommerce should work with our plug-in.

WooCommerce with a plug-in for multiple vendors allows you to have your own market where your sellers register and publish their products for sale and you can receive commissions from each sale made by your suppliers

List of functions for the plugin Auctions

  • WordPress 4.8+ is ready, WooCommerce 2.6+ and 3.0+ ready
  • Seamless integration into WooCommerce through its hooks. You get a new type of type WooCommerce – auction
  • Ordinary, reverse and sealed (quiet) auctions, proxy / auto-bids
  • Determine the starting price, price increase, reserve price, buy now the price
  • Set the start and end time of the auction
  • It’s easy to control how you want to display auctions – along with other items or on a separate page
  • Widgets with an ending soon, future, last, favorites, recently viewed, my auctions and random auctions
  • E-mail notifications E-mail notifications (with editable e-mail templates) for notification of a failure, auction, payment reminder, auction fails, backup failure, auction, purchase, now, auction completion, notification of administrator notification Bid not specified), customer purchase notification, Auction relist user notification
  • The auction has an icon of the auction (shortcut) in miniature
  • If a user logged in and won at an auction, the item has a winning icon in miniature
  • One page of the product has a new “History of auction” tab
  • A lot of short codes – please check the documentation for all available short codes
  • The user has the option “My auctions”, which lists the auctions on which the user placed an order (for both active and won auctions)
  • Filtering the auction in the product list (wp-admin)
  • Sorting the torrent for the current bid, date, buy now the price, activity, end date (the end of the speedy), start date (recently started) – is available in WordPress 4.2 and higher
  • The auction has an icon that describes the various statuses of the auction: active, finished, completed and paid, unsuccessful (wp-admin)
  • Auction activity (shortcode), watch list for merchant (short code and widget)
  • Updating Ajax for current auction and auction history
  • Make an auction with virtual or downloadable products
  • Remove the bid manually
  • Manually or automatically replicate the auction, if there was no application or was not paid in time
  • WPML-compatible, PO file available for translations in lang / dir
  • Enable users to create and submit their auctions using the widget extension for WooCommerce (to find only one plug-in for multiple users in the woocommerce format, Socio Multi Vendors, WC Vendors, Product Vendors)
  • Cronjobs is required – if your host does not support 1 minute cronjobs, you can use a third-party cron service, for example, easycron

Download a free version for your review

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