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Our fastest model of having to use image sprites

With Phoenix, you get a wide range of exciting new features. First, our new and surprising drop-down menu with several columns, which is a real novelty: you can set as many columns as you want, set the column width on the backend to display large icons for the second level elements … there are You do it on your own, it looks so cool!

License YOOtheme – €49 Phoenix Demo

Phoenix also comes with a lot of modules, some of them with color variations. Now you can also display icons in the module header. Phoenix offers an infinite range of combinations of module styles, colors, icons and icons. The new order of columns 2-1-3 makes Phoenix’s search engine friendly system. Two sub-3-column design make your website incredibly flexible. And also, it is our fastest model that has developed a new form of CSS / JS image compression and background sprites.

List of features:

  • Built with the new strain structure template
  • A new muti-column pop-up menu
  • The icons of the Titles modules
  • multiple modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and icons
  • 2-1-3 columns order for search engine convenience
  • Our fastest model of having to use image sprites
  • Works with all YOOtools (only for Joomla 1.5)

Download a free version for your review

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