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Download Rcwd for Gravity Forms v1.1.7.0

Download Rcwd for Gravity Forms v1.1.7.0

This addition extends the functionality of the Gravity Forms plugin on WordPress.

Yes, you will not find the loaded file inside the media manager, also it uses a different folder for every location (based on form id, field id and entry id). In addition, you can activate the option to allow users to upload more than 1 file !!!

CodeCanyon – $25 Rcwd for Gravity Demo

This amendment requires Gravity Forms v1.7 + and WordPress v3.5 +

Obviously, you need to purchase a «WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons». This plugin connects any field GF with Woocommerce.

  • New filters WP to manage customizable renaming tags: gforms_rcwdupload_rename_tags and gforms_rcwdupload_rename_tags_replace
  • New Affordable tag to rename the field: [field: id], now you can use content from other fields
  • New JS-trigger for setting download filter (gformsrcwdupload_filters and gformsrcwdupload_object). See. FAQ section
  • Available rename tags for the field ([form_id], [field_id], [lead_id], [fieldlabel])
  • Loading in pieces (using gforms_rcwdupload_chunks filter)
  • COMPATIBILITY A quick check of the joint document (requires «WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons»)
  • AUTO UPDATER (experimental, be careful, always make a backup before doing this).
  • Gravity Forms 1.9 ready.
  • Support SAVE AND CONTINUE (function GF 1.9)
  • Triggers Javascript.
  • Sorting. Rearrange the elements in the list using drag & drop (if the repeater is enabled).
  • Support preview images before downloading to the size settings! (For all modern browsers)
  • startup option after selecting the file
  • The option to rename the file (if the repeater is active, is added to the progressive numerical suffix)
  • The option to limit the weight (in KB or MB)
  • WOOCOMMERCE 2.1.8+ Compatibility (requires «WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons»)
  • Options for resizing (client and server)
  • Settings allowed extensions filtering
  • Repeater! Yes, you can allow users to upload more to add additional fields to load
  • Support drag & drop
  • Useful filters that will let you customize some stuff (new filters will be added in future releases)
  • The option to add a header field
  • Compatible with user registration plugin Gravity Forms
  • Edits the file name in the admin (at the request of some of you): Now you can change the file name when editing a recording
  • A new option (at the request of some of you): Hide overview button after selecting the file
  • A new option (at the request of some of you): Start with repeater n fields
  • Translation into English and Italian languages
  • Improved Preview LOADING AND STABILITY
  • Improved compatibility KIND Gravity (requires «Gravity View Addon»)
  • filters for content management in Gravity View: gforms_rcwdupload_gravityview_entry_mode and gforms_rcwdupload_gravityview_item
  • Ready-to-use PHP function to get the URL-addresses or file paths

Download a free version for your review

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