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Facebook Slider v1.8.5 comments

Facebook Slider v1.8.5 comments

Facebook Comment Slider for WordPress allows visitors to leave comments on your site with the help of this modern, non-intrusive field comments. The plugin also provides functions Like Box and Fan Page Wall, to expand your site with this plugin All-in-One Facebook. You do not need to include «Like» button and the «Share» in posts or pages, because it already has, and can be displayed on all pages and messages. Visitors will find the button “Favorites”, click “Share” and “Comments” field on the Facebook slider. You can enable, disable and set the shake effect.

CodeCanyon – $15 Comment Slider Demo

Included Facebook Like box, the comment block and wall entries

The plugin contains three different sliders that can help you integrate all the marketing possibilities of Facebook to your website. You can display the “Explicit block” only on the home page, or displayed on all pages of the three sliders. Simple short codes give you complete control to achieve your goals.

You get the benefits of tapping into Facebook!

You can lock the screen and set up a timer or you can allow users to close the slider. Users can close the simple click of a faded background or icon close. You can create more effective campaigns for WordPress, when you turn off the possibility of closing the Facebook Slider. In this case, it will be closed when the user leave a comment or time delayed. Another great way to increase traffic and share on Facebook, if you enable automatic discovery. This option will help to make more visible to the public comment window, because it will automatically open in the bottom of the page. If you correctly use this plugin, your WordPress site Facebook get viral traffic for a short time.

More comments, more on Facebook visibility, more traffic and Facebook fans.

The plugin also displays a button “like to share.” When you get a comment, it is equivalent to one comment, and the like, so it is the best option to attract more visitors. If users do not want to write a comment, they may like or share your WordPress site. The use of social networking – the most popular way to attract more visitors and fans. Facebook has the most traffic, and you can use this network to attract more people to your site WordPress. You can find a lot of WordPress plugins low on the Internet, but not so. It contains all publicly available Facebook functions in one plug-in, Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Facebook Comment, including attention grabber and animation shaking.

All in one plug-in for WordPress!

Facebook provides two different color styles, you can access it in the dark and light style. This option can also be selected by WordPress plugin settings page.

Fully responsive, convenient for mobile devices!

You can select the comment box language with a super simple method, only you have to choose a language from the dropdown menu in the WordPress admin, and the comments will be translated! No need to use any translation plugin or translate it for yourself, all the texts on the slider, coming from Facebook, and you can quickly translate it using the dropdown list in the admin panel. You can also customize the message at the top of the slider.

The whole slider full responsive, the users can enjoy on tablets or on any mobile device. Facebook comments slider automatically set to the viewing device. Good idea to use it instead of the default comment system WordPress, because it prevents spam. Facebook has really strict rules for spam, so you can be sure that if you use this WordPress plugin, you will not get more spam. The full detailed documentation you will find a link to Facebook moderation tool to moderate and set the entire block of comments.

You can publish all the comments, or you can enable or disable each comment individually. You can also use it as a customer service representative, at the same time you will promote your own website with all the Facebook comments. Try this free WordPress plugin at demo web site and you will see that it is quite effective and captures attention.

Download a free version for your review

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