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Hide My WP

Hide or change wp-admin and all your files

The magic starts now … We do not modify files or folders, and everything in them the default location! We just control access to it, and it ensures maximum plug-in compatibility.

Normal License CodeCanyon – 22$ Hide My WP Demo

Hide My WP v5.5.2

Hide wp-login.php

Try this: yoursite.com/wp-login.php
We find!? To accept. Try this: yoursite.com/wp-login.php?hide_my_wp=1234

Hide or change wp-admin and all your files (for untrusted users)

yoursite.com/wp-admin/ – found! Or change it yoursite.com/my-admin /

Change the WordPress themes directory, delete any information on the theme of the style sheets, instead of default WP classes, and, finally, downplay your!

yoursite.com/template/main.css (instead of: … / wp-content / themes / twentytwelve / style.css)

directory change plugins and hash plugins name

yoursite.com/modules/95578af5/shortcodes.css (instead of: … / wp-content / plugins / zilla-shortcodes / shortcodes.css) yoursite.com/modules/95578af5/shortcodes.php – Found! (Access Denied)

URL load changes, wp-includes, URL AJAXetcétera

yoursite.com/file/test-image-landscape.jpg (instead of: … / wp-content / uploads / test-image-landscape.jpg)
Yoursite.com/lib/js/jquery/jquery.js (instead of: … / wp-includes / js / jquery / jquery.js)
Yoursite.com/ajax.php – output 0 (instead of: … / wp-admin / admin-ajax.php)

Check out the change of WordPress URL:

The new URL:
Old, not working URLs:
Yoursite.com/?p=1 – Nothing happened!
Yoursite.com/?author=1 – Nothing happened!
Yoursite.com/?s=hide – Nothing happened!

Change the author’s constant link (or turn it off!)

new: yoursite.com/admin или yoursite.com/profile/admin (optional)
Old: yoursite.com/author/admin – not found!

Modify or disable channels

new: yoursite.com/index.xml
New: yoursite.com/cat/aciform/index.xml
Old: yoursite.com/feed/ – not found!
Old: yoursite.com/cat/uncategorized/feed/ – not found!

Hide other WordPress files!

yoursite.com/readme.html – not found!
Yoursite.com/license.txt – not found!

Disable WordPress files, categories, tags, pages, messages, etc.

yoursite.com/2012/09/ – not found!
Yoursite.com/?m=201209 – not found!

There’s even more:

  • Easy to replace any word in the output HTML file!

  • Notify you when someone moves the mouse on your WordPress site (included with articles by visitors, such as IP, user agent, and even link Enrollment Name)
  • Compress the HTML output and delete the comments in the source code
  • Delete WordPress meta information from a header and food
  • Change the sender of the default WordPress email
  • page 404 customized!

  • Remove
  • unnecessary menu classes

  • clean body classes
  • And much more …

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