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Yellow Pencil v6.1.2 Customize the design

Yellow Pencil v6.1.2 Customize the design

“Yellow Pencil” – a WordPress CSS text editor

It allows you to edit the site design in real time. The plugin allows you to customize any theme. Click on an item and begin a visual adjustment. Adjust colors, fonts, sizes, positions and more. Take control of your site with more than 50 properties styles. Yellow Pencil provides everything you need to customize the design of your site. The plugin comes with advanced features such as visual resizing, drag and drop, measuring tools, as well as a ton of resources to background images, fonts and sweet palette trends are also extended responsive tool that allows you to customize your site for any screen size.

CodeCanyon – $20 Yellow Pencil Demo

Yellow Pencil – Generator visual animation and Live CSS Editor

Add animation to your website. Use the 50 ready-to-use animations or create new animations using the Animator Generator Tool, which records your movement as an animation.

Yellow Pencil is designed for both beginners and advanced users. No knowledge of programming is required, but there is a good CSS editor for those who would like to encode! You can code using live CSS editor and create interference for generating CSS rules.

How it works?

The plugin creates a CSS style codes, such as a professional web developer in the back, when you play with colors. Customize your website design, leave a different impression on the visitors!

A key feature

    • Customize any page, any element
    • Automatic CSS-selector
    • 50+ CSS properties
    • visual drag and drop
    • Visual editing and filling margin
    • Resizing the live element
    • Change management
    • View live
    • cancel repeat
    • Export stylesheet
    • Removal of import
    • Automatic update
    • shortcuts
    • downhole Documentation

Properties CSS: text

    • font family
    • Font size
    • Colour
    • Text shadow
    • Font size
    • line-height
    • font style
    • text alignment
    • Text conversion
    • interalphabetic distance
    • Line spacing
    • Complete registration
    • text indent
    • Word wrap

> CSS Properties Background

    • Parallax Background
    • background color
    • The image in the background
    • background blend mode
    • background position
    • background size
    • repeating background
    • Reference app

Other CSS properties

    • Field
    • packing
    • border
    • The radius of the borders
    • Position
    • Width
    • Height
    • Animation
    • lists
    • Box Shadow
    • Filter
    • transformation
    • pomutnenye
    • display
    • tuples
    • clean
    • visibility
    • overflow

design Tools

    • inspector elements
    • Inspector of single elements
    • Live CSS Editor
    • helpful tool
    • Search Tool elements
    • Measuring tool
    • View frame frame
    • element model
    • gradient generator
    • Manager visual animation
    • Visual animation generator

project assets

  • 800+ Font family
  • 300+ Backgrounds
  • Color palette trends
  • 50+ animations

Download a free version for your review

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